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Shipping a classic Jaguar XJS to Australia

Classic Jaguar at port ready to ship

How do I trust the seller?

“I had no idea how to go about getting my car back… how do I trust the seller?”

Cary Cavell, Brisbane

The Challenge

Our customer had always dreamed of having a Jaguar XJS, but when he found the perfect one, it was on the other side of the world from Brisbane.

The Solution

We arranged for our agent to pay the seller on behalf, at the time when the truck collected the car. This way our customer knew we had the right car before any money was transferred.

“…thanks so much! I just don’t trust sending this much money to someone I don’t know”

The Result

Car was collected, shipped and delivered hassle free.

“…Richard car has arrived and is everything I expected. The only trouble is getting my old bones in the car!”

Cary Cavell, Brisbane

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