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Do I need Marine Insurance?

Marine Insurance put simply is Insurance cover while in transit. If you are shipping a vehicle or boat you already own for example, then the standard insurance cover you already have in place will not cover it during shipment. Although Marine Insurance is not compulsory, it is strongly recommended that you purchase it.

How to get Marine Insurance

It's very easy to obtain, simply contact us and ask us for a price. If you have a quote from us then have the Quote Number handy. We only sell one option for Insurance and that is full cover.

The Cost of Cover

The cost for Marine Insurance will vary on every vehicle or boat shipped. It is calculated on the value/purchase price + Shipping costs. Please contact us and we can calculate the premium for you.

What it covers

If you have purchased Marine Insurance, then it is covered for loss or damage. Coverage includes anything from theft, scratches, dents etc, right through to total loss. E.g. If the ship happened to sink with your goods on board, then you will be covered for the replacement value, as well as the cost of the shipping. A claim excess is applicable to each and every claim.

Pre Shipment Inspection

For vehicles, there must be a Pre Shipment Inspection completed and submitted to us at the time of dropping off the vehicle. If there is not one completed then the excess will doubled for any claim. Likewise on any boat it is important to have good photos prior to shipping and dated, so in the event damage does occur there is good supporting evidence.


We recommend you take out marine insurance on every shipment. It all comes back to the very old saying "Better to be safe than sorry". If you have any questions feel free to get in touch.

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