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Shipping an Ian Franklin yacht to Vancouver, BC

Shipping an Ian Franklin yacht to Vancouver

water discharge no problem

Many yacht enthusiasts choose New Zealand boat builders, and designers to build their dream yacht, but once its built, the voyage has only just begun. Due to the number of container slots a yacht takes, and the number or port calls before its discharged, it can be very difficult to ship yachts even to major ports like Vancouver. Thankfully Taurus are here to help.

The Challenge

Ship this new build from the boat yards in Picton NZ,and deliver back into the water in Vancouver, BC

The Solution

Because Picton is not a large vessel sea port, the yacht was trucked overland to the port of Nelson, where we had repositioned a flat rack from Auckland to load and lash the yacht and cradle to.

The yacht was then transshipped on a coastal vessel to Auckland, where we arranged the transfer to second vessel heading to Vancouver, BC.

The Result

A seamless service from boat yard to water discharge. Our customer stepped on his yacht for the first time in Vancouver, and from there has been sweet sailing

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