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Californian 55' Motor yacht

Shelby Mustang shipment

Absolutely fantastic service

I really want to say thank you because it is very hard to find honest people in New Zealand who promise and keep this promise till very end.

The Challenge

The real challenge came when the yacht was motoring under its own power to Long Beach, 3 days from the loading date, and the Shipping Line reneged on both the booking and the price!

This brand new 55’ motor yacht build was in a marina in San Francisco, and due to its weight and size, needed a substantial steel cradle, and the closest port which the yacht could load at was Long Beach.

The Solution

Plan B, reduce the height to fit in the door of a RORO vessel.

We worked relentlessly to come up with a solution, with help from the boat builder to get exact measurements of the height, and calculate what could be removed to reduced the height down. We then relocated one of our fully adjustable steel cradles(which can hold 10 tonne per pad) from our depot in Savannah to Long Beach. A special low profile maffi trailer was brought in to place the cradle on, in order to not add too much to the height.

We have received absolutely fantastic service from your company, and very pleased we chose you as our logistic partner.

Alex Zubok, Auckland

The Result

Perfect. All our calculations worked out, and the yacht cleared the door opening of the ship with 9” to spare! The use of our adjustable steel cradle also gave great flexibility to ensure the yacht is absolutely seated in the cradle, and also saves considerable money in building a custom cradle. We discharged back to water in Auckland and at the original quoted price.

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