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Importing Machinery – FAQ

We've helped many machinery importers and exporters, from the novice first timer, to 20 year veterans, and below are some of the more popular questions.

How clean does it have to be?

Very! It’s cheaper to spend a few hundred extra, and have it properly cleaned, than have it arrive and pulled apart by quarantine. All dirt and any organic contamination needs to be totally removed. In most locations we can provide this service for you.

What is the duty rate for machinery?

It depends on what country you are importing to, but generally it’s free or only 5%.

What if my machinery is too large to fit in a container?

No problem, we can ship on break bulk on RORO vessels. A cheaper alternative may be to partially disassemble.

Can you purchase at auction on my behalf?

Yes, but on a case-by-case basis. It depends on what country the auction is in and what the circumstances are.

What if my earthmoving machine gets stopped by quarantine?

We will take care of whatever needs doing for you. Whether it’s washing or fumigation, we will arrange all inspections and work to be done ASAP.

What if my machinery has oil leaks?

Any oil or fuel leaks will need to be fixed prior to shipping otherwise the shipping line can refuse to carry your machine.

Disassembly for cheaper shipping

Often it is cheaper to disassemble items like blades, rippers and ROPS to reduce the dimensions of the machinery and hence the shipping. The items can be bundled together or shipped as separate items but the overall cubic volume will be much less.

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