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Importing Motorbike - FAQ

Found a bike online but don't know how to ship her home? We can help. Below are some common questions, but as always if you need any help just drop us an email.

How do you calculate the shipping costs?

We calculate the freight on the volume of the motorcycle, how much space it takes up inside the container, but there is a minimum charge for motorcycles.

What does the motorcycle quotation include?

Receipt at origin depot through to you collecting from our depot at destination. We can also assist with pick up and delivery if required.

How much notice do you need before the ship sails?

Ideally 7 days prior to the sailing date to ensure we can complete all the necessary Customs formalities. The motorcycle needs to be at our depot 4-5 days prior to the sailing date.

Does it matter if my motorcycle is dirty?

Your motorcycle must be thoroughly steam cleaned prior to shipment.

How much would it cost to insure my motorcycle?

The insurance is calculated on the value of the motorcycle plus the freight. Please request a quotation.

Can I ship personal effects with my motorcycle?

Yes you most certainly can if it is a closed crate. Most common items to send with your motorcycle are additional parts or helmets, etc. We must have an itemised list of what you want to ship with your motorcycle in advance though.

Does this include GST/VAT/Duties or Taxes?

All of our quotations exclude GST, duties and taxes.

What do I need to do to prepare the motorcycle for shipping?

The fuel needs to be drained down to reserve, or as low as possible. The battery must be disconnected and you must source a motorcycle crate for shipping. We can provide a crate in many locations.

Does my motorcycle need to be in a crate?

Yes it does. Your motorcycle will be shipped in a shared container so it is important that it is packed in a secure crate as other items will be packed around it. We can crate for you, but if building your own crate it needs to be constructed from ISPM15 timber.

Shipping a motorbike to Australia

Will I have to pay an import tax and or GST on the value of my motorcycle for importing to Australia?

Yes, you must have owned and used the motorcycle for 12 months, and not have been out of that country for more than 42 days in the year that you have owned it. Anyone can import a motorcycle built before 1989. The rates payable to the Australian Customs Service are:
  • Vehicles up to 30 years old including forward control vehicles: 5% Duty + 10% GST
  • Vehicles over 30 years old: 0% Duty + 10% GST
  • 4wd 'off road' vehicles and commercial vehicles: 5% Duty + 10% GST
  • Motorcycles: 0% Duty + 10% GST

The duty is levied on the 'customs value' only. The GST is levied on the 'customs value' + the duty + the total ‘cost of shipment’ to Australia figure.

What is the first thing I need to do before considering importing motorcycles to Australia?

You will need to obtain a Vehicle Import Approval (VIA) from the Vehicle Safety Standards Branch of the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government (Infrastructure). See Application for Approval to Import a Vehicle.

Shipping a motorbike to New Zealand

Where can I find out information on New Zealand road compliance?

How can I find out info on what the Duty/GST costs will be for importing into New Zealand?

GST is payable at 15% on the landed value, which is the value of the motorcycle, plus freight, plus insurance. Otherwise known as the CIF (Cost + Insurance + Freight) price.

Depending on your immigration status you may be eligible for GST exemption on importing your motorcycle. We apply to New Zealand Customs on your behalf, and Customs review on a case by case basis. In general if you meet below criteria you will be successful in exemption.

  • Be a first time immigrant or a returning New Zealand citizen.
  • If a returning citizen, you must have been out of New Zealand for over 21 months.
  • Be prepared to sign a deed where you agree not to sell the motorcycle for at least 2 years.
  • motorcycle must have been owned and used for last 12 months.
  • You MUST be physically in New Zealand in order to claim exemption.
    • …and you must provide the following documents:
    • Proof of ownership over the last 12 months
    • Purchase receipt for the motorcycle or a current NZ valuation from a local dealer

Are there any restrictions on the import of this particular motorcycle?

Check to see if your motorcycle meets New Zealand’s emissions requirements. See Infosheet 2.08.

What information do you need to give me a quote?

The most important details we need are the dimensions, weight, and also its location. If you can also give us the make/model also, this helps us determine if we can save you money by dis-assembly.

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