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Why Import Boats?

Importing boats can save you thousands of dollars, and give you access to a wide range of boats which may not be available locally. Simply put, boat transport cuts out the middle man and puts you in control. Whether you’re buying a boat at auction, or transporting a boat you already own, we handle all facets of shipping.

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What’s Involved In Shipping Boats?

Whether your boat is a 60' cruiser, or a 26' trailer boat, will greatly influence the complexity of the shipping process. Yacht transport is a very specialised field and it’s important to talk to experienced boat shipping professionals like us so we can advise you on best practices and pitfalls.

We take care of all the red tape like Customs, Quarantine and port formalities, including arranging boat lifts in or out of the water at port, pier or anywhere else.

However there are certainly some common procedures in shipping boats and yacht transport.

  • Consider the dimensions of your boat, can anything be removed to make it smaller? If shipping a yacht, can the bowsprit or keel be removed. Alternatively with motoryachts can the flybridge and radar arches be removed? Many items can be removed with a few hours labour and can considerably lower the freight cost.
  • If your boat is not on a trailer it will need a cradle. We have fully adjustable steel cradles in a number of locations around the world that we can rent to you, if necessary we can build a custom cradle for your boat.
  • If possible it’s best to avoid water lifts at the port because they’re very expensive. If your boat can be made low enough for the road, it’s better to lift out at a close marina and then we an truck it to port. This is not always possible depending on the size of the boat you have.
  • A water discharge is dependent on a number of factors so please talk through this with us, as it’s not always possible. For example, if the ship arrives at night, quarantine will not give clearance because the light is not good enough for them to inspect the boat.

What our customers say

  • Les MiddleditchWe would strongly recommend Taurus to anyone considering moving a yacht or boat from Europe or anywhere else for that matter.

    Les Middleditch Perth, Australia
  • Glenn MarshallBeing my first time, to say I was nervous would be an understatement, however I would not hesitate to recommend your services.

    Glenn Marshall Brisbane, Australia
  • Jim BatesI can recommend you as honest, straight talkers who care about what you do.

    Jim Bates Picton, New Zealand
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