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Sailing Schedule - Roll on Roll off


Australia TO New Zealand

This is our roll on roll off schedule, and does not include all container, and part container options. Please contact us to discuss container sailing dates.
Voyage Depot
Fremantle Depot
Brisbane Depot
Port Kembla Depot
Melbourne Auckland Lyttelton Wellington Nelson
TF5V97 CLOSED 22-Feb CLOSED 24-Feb CLOSED 26-Feb 02-Mar 05-Mar 06-Mar 07-Mar
1705 CLOSED 23-Feb 22-Mar N/A N/A N/A
TF6V94 02-Mar 08-Mar 07-Mar 10-Mar 07-Mar 12-Mar 16-Mar 19-Mar 20-Mar 21-Mar
1706 10-Mar 17-Mar 07-Apr 09-Apr 10-Apr N/A
TF7V94 16-Mar 22-Mar 21-Mar 24-Mar 21-Mar 26-Mar 30-Mar 02-Apr 03-Apr 04-Apr
1707 28-Mar 01-Apr 21-Apr
TF5V98 31-Mar 05-Apr 04-Apr 07-Apr 04-Apr 09-Apr 13-Apr 16-Apr 17-Apr 18-Apr
1708 04-Apr 08-Apr 07-May 10-May 11-May N/A
TF6V95 12-Apr 19-Apr 18-Apr 21-Apr 19-Apr 23-Apr 27-Apr 30-Apr 01-May 02-May
TF7V95 26-Apr 03-May 01-May 05-May 02-May 07-May 11-May 14-May 15-May 16-May
Vehicles will need to be delivered to the depot on the dates shown under Depot Cut Off. If you need to deliver the vehicles earlier than the Cut-Off dates shown, there will be storage rates applied.
These dates are subject to change and will be confirmed once the booking is confirmed.

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