At Taurus Logistics we’re really proud of the fact we’re not another vanilla flavoured, soul-less, corporate freight forwarder. We have a real passion for what we do and a drive to solve any problem you might have, we go the distance to get the job done.

Response within 24 hours

We understand time’s important to you so we guarantee to personally respond to all enquiries within 24 hours, Monday to Friday New Zealand time. In some cases we may not be able to respond with a full quote, but we’ll always acknowledge your request.

If you are unsure of exactly what you need or you’ve never shipped before then we’re happy to answer all questions about any aspect you may be uncertain about.

No hidden costs

There’s nothing worse than getting a price and doing your budget, only to find out what you were quoted didn’t include a raft of other fees and charges. Not only does it bring our industry into disrepute, it has almost become standard practise for many freight forwarders, making it extremely difficult to compare quotes between companies.

When you ask Taurus Logistics for a quote, we’ll include all applicable costs on our quotes, and where we can’t quote for something specifically, we let you know clearly on the quote.

Always check the excluded section on your quote. When something is excluded like government taxes or duties we'll clearly state this on our quotation, so please ask us if you have any questions about what’s included and excluded.

We take care of all the red tape

Once you’re booked with Taurus Logistics we’ll take care of all the Logistics, Customs and Quarantine formalities for you. If a problem crops up, we’ll do our best to resolve it quickly for you. We don’t shy away from problems or push responsibility back, if we can take care of the problem then we’ll offer a solution.

Experienced Professionals

Because of a tight market with the slimmest of margins, many freight forwarders only employ juniors. At Taurus Logistics we don’t believe in that, our team is made up of professionals with years of experience in the shipping industry with many shipments under their belt.

Being privately owned means the agents we work with throughout the world are just like us, we chose each other because we share the same skills and ethos and we actually like them! They’re our close friends and colleagues, only a phone call away.

Give us a call and let us help your business succeed!