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Caravan & Motorhome Importing

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How to ship your own caravan

Importing Caravans and Motorhomes from the UK and USA, has become very popular in recent years due to the reduction in duties, and the huge range of available manufactures. We have shipped hundreds of caravans, and can help you with advice on the best shipping method for your chosen model. RORO or containerisation, we can help.

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What's the cheapest Shipping method?

There are three shipping options, but we will only discuss two of them, because the third shipping method "on deck" is not recommended, and not suitable for Caravans and certainly not Motorhomes.


From the UK this is the most common and cost effective way to ship caravans to New Zealand and Australia. Not only is it more cost effective, but you can load the caravan with your personal effects inside, and they essentially get shipped for free. They obviously need to be declared for Customs, and all boxed up so quarantine and Customs can remove them and inspect if needed.

Not all caravans fit, so best to give us a call before you make your purchase. It requires our skilled packers to fit caravans in containers as there is very little room on each side, and often air needs to be removed from the tyres to get them in the door.


Roll on roll off is commonly used for shipping motorhomes, as it very rare that motorhomes are small enough to fit in shipping container. As a general rule RORO is more expensive than a 40' container because the shipping price is calculated on the total volume(cubic volume). ie L x W x H.

But in some cases containers are either not an option, or the caravan / motorhome is of a size that as a total cost is cheaper than packing into a container.


If possible use a container, but talk to us about the options as its always important to look at the TOTAL cost, not just the shipping cost in isolation.

Bob & JoanIt quickly became clear that Taurus Logistics was a company that was highly professional in its approach.

Bob & Joan
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