car shipping to new zealand

With the world in lockdown and overseas travel a distant dream, exploring New Zealand in your own imported caravan is the next best thing. With a shortage of good quality caravans available locally and the wide range of caravan in the UK and Australia, importing gives you superior quality at a lower price.

At Taurus Logistics we have a range of shipping options to suit your budget and preferences, from door to door or just port to port.

80% receive a quote in 30 seconds! More complex jobs will receive a response within 24 hours.

Cost of Importing Caravans to NZ

For the New Zealand market, the two easiest countries to import from are Australia and the UK. The reason being that the road standards are very similar in terms of widths and weights for towing, but also electrically they run on 240v making them very easy to comply with on arrival.

Cost of importing caravan from UK to NZ

Shipping a caravan in a container is the most economical way due to the high roll on roll off charges from the UK. Thankfully many UK caravans just fit in the door opening of a 40' container and depending on the size caravan you can ship two in one container or a caravan and caravan parts.

Prices vary from around NZD5000 for one caravan in a part container to NZD9000 for a sole container. Often items such as A/C need to be removed from the top to get the height low enough to fit in a container.

Customs Duty of 5% is payable on most UK caravans, plus import GST of 15%.

Importing caravans and motorhomes from Australia

Australia is super easy compared with the UK and much cheaper. We utilise the roll on roll of shipping service which calls all main ports in Australia and New Zealand. Costs are charged on a per cubic meter rate and because it's not in a container there are no size limitations.

As an example, a Jayco Starcraft costs under $5000 port to port, plus Import GST.

How do I import a UK caravan to NZ?

This is one of our most popular services and Taurus will handle the international shipping and importing process for you.

Once you have purchased your caravan you can sit back and relax. Our UK agent will make contact with the seller and we will handle everything right through to the arrival Customs Clearance and MPI inspections. If it fails MPI inspection we will arrange the cleaning and re-inspection.

Before you purchase your caravan or motorhome please do check with a Compliance Centre to ensure the model you want to import meets New Zealand road standards.

80% receive a quote in 30 seconds! More complex jobs will receive a response within 24 hours.