International shipping can be very daunting, whether you’re looking to import a dump truck for your mining business, or shipping the family car to Australia. Here is some help on how to compare quotes you may receive.

How to compare other quotes

Comparing quotes for shipping is a bit like trying to compare quotes to build a house. Is one house brick and the other straw? Are you comparing apples to apples, does each quote contain all the services you require?

The shipping and freight forwarding industry don’t make it easy for newcomers, many people fall into the trap of accepting the lower price only to find it was half a quote. Then when their goods arrive they’re hit with a massive invoice for all sorts of charges no-one told them about.

Some quotes will be port to port, some will be door to port, others will try to confuse you with terms like FOB, C&F, CIF or FAS, which is normally a smoke screen to confuse non-industry people and avoid liability for any additional charges.

We find the practice outrageous and underhand, which is why at Taurus Logistics we clearly state what’s included with no hidden costs or surprises, just clear concise no-nonsense quotations.

Warning! - Beware lump sum quotes

Many of our competitors just cut and paste a lump sum price, and send it in an email with vague or little detail of what it’s based on, or "exactly" what it includes. This is NOT a quote. It’s an estimate at best. Without specific prices for each service you leave yourself open to being charged considerably more than you expect.

Transit Time vs. Shipping Cost

Another import consideration in comparing quotes, is to ensure you know the transit time, and if it tanships(or changes vessels) anywhere along the way. Always make sure this important detail is on your quote. This is important for two reasons.

  1. A longer transit time will generally be cheaper, but will often change vessels 2-3 times.
  2. When it changes vessels it has more handling and therefore more chance of damage or theft.

International shipping quotes should have three parts

Origin Charges:

  • Export documentation
  • Inland transport
  • Pack charges
  • Port charges

Ocean Freight Charges:

  • Actual ocean freight
  • BAF
  • CAF

Destination Charges:

  • Port charges
  • Customs Clearance
  • Quarantine fees
  • Unloading/unpacking

If you have all three then you have a comprehensive quote, if you’re unsure then feel free to call us, we won’t be offended if you want to talk about a competitor’s quote to make sure it’s the real deal.

We’re happy to explain the quote in plain english letting you know what the terms mean and whether you’re getting a good deal on total cost.