Marine Insurance encompasses more than just insurance over while on the water. This is an important consideration when looking at your logistics chain, and deciding on how many providers will be involved.
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What it covers

i.e. If Taurus Logistics are shipping from door to door for you, then any marine insurance cover you have in place with us will cover you for road transport, loading, unloading, shipping and all sub-contractors and authorities until its delivered to your door. However, if you arranged your own transport to port, and then shipping with Taurus, the marine insurance will not cover any damage that happens while on the road transport, as this is not a leg we are arranging for you. The marine insurance only covers logistics activities that we are arranging.

Am I covered for loss or damage without Marine Insurance?

Without Marine Insurance, the handling will be "at limited carrier's risk". Without going into legal jargon, it means a lengthy process of investigation is required to determine liability (if possible), and depending on where the damage occurred will depend on what is legally payable. i.e. If the damage happens in New Zealand and not on the vessel, then the maximum payable is as per the carriage of goods act, and it may be considerably less than the damage or loss.


We recommend you take out marine insurance on every shipment. It all comes back to the very old saying "Better to be safe than sorry". If you have any questions feel free to get in touch.

 Regular insurance(ie car insurance) is not the same as marine insurance, and will not cover you while in transit.