What is a Carnet.

A Carnet(kar-nay) is a like a passport for your vehicle or motorcycle, and allows you to pass in and out of various countries without paying local taxes, and bonds. You have 12 months within that country before your goods must be exported, but you can apply for extensions which are often granted an additional 6 months. In the case of vehicles & motorcycles, you can drive on the roads on your origin countries number plates, without the need to comply with local vehicle regulations. This is the single biggest advantage of Carnets over temporary imports.

When to use a Carnet.

Typically carnets are used when you are either going touring, or maybe moving countries on a temporary basis. We do a lot of motorcycle and vehicle tours in Australia and New Zealand, were a car club may be coming from the UK, touring Australia, then we ship them to New Zealand, Tour there and return home. These are perfectly suited situations where we recommend a Carnet.

What role does Taurus Play?

Whilst we don’t actual handle the application of the carnet, we do handle all the Customs and Logistics formalities for you. Once you have the Carnet we will require the original copy and present this to Customs for you at time of export, If you are using our services in the destination country also we will handle the Customs formalities on arrival too.

So that’s a Carnet in summary, and a great way to see the world.