When looking to import a boat from USA, its so important to look not just at the total cost, but also the shipping transit time. One of the main pitfalls I come across on a weekly basis, is the regret people have when they find out the quote they accepted is going to take all summer to arrive in Australia or New Zealand, and leave you no summer left to enjoy your boat. Its so important to make sure that any quote you are looking at, specifies the shipping transit time. Heres why;

When shipping boats from the East coast of USA, there are two options.

  • Direct through the Panama to New Zealand and then on to Australia. Stays on the same vessel. (recommended)
  • Transshipping via Europe. Changes ships 2-3 times.

We offer both services, but most customers ship on the direct shipping service, as boats are such high dollar items, and contain many expensive accessories. The less number of times your boat is handled the better, from a damage perspective, but also theft. Over the years we have seen even things like Props stolen off engines. Whilst these aren't always expensive to replace, they still normally fall below the insurance claim excess, and leave you out of pocket.


Yes shipping boats on a transship service can save you a few dollars, but given how much your investment is worth, and having your cash tied up for 70-90 days, it worth considering all the risks, and the total landed cost.

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