There are a lot of different myths floating around online about how to prepare a motorcycle for shipping. So I have attempted to clarify what's important when shipping motorcycles via RORO.

No Personal Effects

When shipping motorcycles as RORO, you cannot leave any personal effects, or riding gear or anything with the bike as there is no safe place to put them. This includes the Panniers if the bike has these. The shipping line may refuse to load the motorcycle if they find these rules are not adhered to.

Leaking Fluids

Check that yourt motorcycle is not leaking any Oil or Water or any fluids, otherwise it may not be loaded on-board the vessel until the leaks have been repaired. This will be done at your cost.

Fuel tank

Be sure the fuel tank is no more – but no less than ¼ full.

Overall Condition

Your motorcycle must be ride able and in a roadworthy condition to be shipped via RORO, if leaving NZ it must have a current Warrant of Fitness at the time of shipping. Also the keys must be left in the ignition.


Your motorcycle must be de-registered in the country you export it from. If you are shipping a motorcycle you already own then this is your responsibility. You will need to check with your local Road Transport Authority to see what the process and costs are involved with doing this. If you are buying a motorcycle from a foreign country then this will be the responsibility of the seller to arrange.


Clean the motorcycle thoroughly to help it pass the Customs and Quarantine inspections and avoid expensive cleaning fees at the destination end. Although we cannot guarantee your motorcycle will pass through without requiring further cleaning it is still best practice to clean prior to shipment.


All of the above will help prevent any delays in your shipment, help to prevent any unexpected costs, and keep the process simple and stress free for you. A lot of people are put off because it seems like a lot of work, but in reality all of the above is very basic maintenance anyway.

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