When you are doing a comparison of shipping quotes, you need to make sure they are covering off ALL of the charges involved for the shipment. Too often people look only at the total price and don't pay attention to what is actually included(or not included in most cases).

This leaves you open to getting stung on arrival with an extra bill because your quote didn't include any costs upon arrival at the destination port.

Spotting the Half Quote

  • The easiest way to spot the "Half Quote" is to read the quote in its entirety rather than just looking at the price total.
  • The other common "Half Quotes" are not itemised out with a list of shipping charges and their cost beside them, unlike a Taurus Logistics quote which is fully itemised. These Half Quotes will often just have a total cost of $xxxx.xx with no mention of what the price covers, or more importantly what it doesn't cover.

What charges should quotes be covering?

Get a shipping quote from our website to give you a benchmark.Our quotes are very clearly marked with what charges are included in the quote, and also very clearly explain what charges are not included so that you know upfront what other charges you will have to consider.

What will happen if I get caught out by the Half Quote?

After reading this hopefully you will look more closely at the quote so you should be fine. Or alternatively, you should be shipping through Taurus Logistics to avoid this happening. For a more detailed explanation you can also look at our Shipping quote comparison guide


Whether you have never shipped anything before, or if you frequently ship items you can still be caught out by the "Half Quote". You do have to pay attention and read everything you have before committing to anything, and make sure any questions you have are properly answered. The easiest option is just to give me a call and know that you have got everything covered in the one quote.